Here is how to provide a discussion site for your students.

I have used two methods to provide a discussion site for students.

1. Class Discussion

If you want the entire class to discuss a topic, you can set up a page entitled Class Discussion.


When you click the discussion tab, you can see the post Adaptations Worksheet Information question.


Your students click on the question and the window below opens with the discussion question. Students click in the reply box, enter a response and click Post.


Instructions for posting questions are included on the next page: Setting up a Discussion 2.

2. Group Discussion

If you want groups to discuss a topic, then you can set up a page for each group.

I am going to set up a discussion page for Group 1.

First I am going to insert a video from National Geographic
. I entered adaptation into the search box and this video was suggested.

Notice the box following Embed above. I highlighted that embed code and copied it. I then went to the editor and selected Widget. The window below opened and I clicked Video. Another window opened with a number of video formats. I chose Other at the bottom because National Geographic wasn't included. The second window below opened. Notice the box in that window. You click in the box and paste the embed code in the box and then click Save.


It will look like this. Click Save to save the embed code. And then click Save in the editor.

Your video will appear on the page ready to play.


Now you are ready for part 2!