How to Get Started

The best way to use this tutorial is to open it, then open a new window or tab in your browser. You can then read and play the video on this wiki in one window and create your wiki in the other window.

To open an additional browser window, Go to File > New Window.

Then navigate to to start creating your wiki. This is a Wikispaces for Educators page that will allow you to create free wikipages at all three permission levels.

If you haven't joined, click Join in the upper right-hand corner and enter the required information to join. Then return to the Educators Page to start creating your wiki.

We are going to be designing a wiki for an Internet Workshop activity. It will include a page for four groups of students in a class to collaboratively present their ideas, discoveries, and new literacies strategies. Each group will have a discussion page where they will be able to discuss ideas, make suggestions, and plan their project. There will also be a page of teacher provided links to informative websites that students may access to complete the activity.