Welcome to the Wikispaces.com Tutorial Wiki!

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you to creating and using a wiki in your classroom. I chose wikispaces.com as the wiki provider for a number of reasons:

You may create and use the wiki for free if the wiki is for K-12 educational purposes.

You may choose from three levels of permission including:
  • Public (everyone can see and edit the pages). This is the least secure.
  • Protected (everyone can view the pages but only wiki members can edit pages). This means that parents, relatives, and friends may view the pages but only you (the creator and organizer) and designated members including your students may edit the pages. This is somewhat secure yet more visible.
  • Private (only you and wiki members can view and edit pages). This is the most secure.

Wikispaces.com does not require your students to have e-mail addresses to become members. You create their log on names and passwords using an easy batch process.